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  • TFT Size
  • TFT resolution
  • TFT Interface
  • Compatible systems
  • Touchscreen
  • Display Type
  • MONO Display Type
  • LCD dot matrix
  • LCD character interface
  • Backlight Color
  • Background Color
  • OLED Size/Resolution
  • OLED Display Color
  • OLED Interface
  • COB/COG Display Inch
  • Segment LCD type
  • TFT LCD/TFT module
  • LCD graphics interface
  • COG graphics interface
  • COB/COG Adapter board interface
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Touch Panel

This adapter board, our latest development, is designed to be powered through a Type-C interface. It facilitates the connection of both character and graphical LCDs for illumination testing. The testing board integrates driver ICs and code, enabling direct illumination demonstrations, thus providing convenience for developers to showcase product effects efficiently.

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